23,469 Products Hold Saudi Quality Mark in Saudi Market

28 Jun 2020
        Saudi Standards (SASO) clarified that more than (23,469) products in the Saudi market hold Saudi quality mark. These products have nearly (768) licenses to use the Mark for facilities in (21) countries around the world.
        SASO pointed out that the sector of construction, building products and general materials comes first in obtaining a license to use the Quality Mark with nearly (343) licenses.  Mechanical and metal products sector comes second with (147) licenses, followed by electrical and electronic products sector and metrology sector with (113) License; and chemical and petroleum products sector and textile sector with (112) licenses. Food and agricultural products sector comes in the last place with (53) licenses.
       ​ ​Until the end of May 2020, SASO statistics indicated that factories, in more than (21) countries around the world, hold Saudi Quality Mark. It indicated that there are more than (2423) Italian products, (1110) Chinese products, (869) Jordanian products, (749) Thai products, (735) Indian products, (442) Emirati products, and (424) Egyptian products bearing Saudi Quality Mark. Also, more than (15,507) Saudi products have obtained a license to use the Quality Mark.

Last modified 12 Jul 2020
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