SASO Announces that (3) Technical Regulations will soon be Applied

21 Jun 2020

      Within the framework of its efforts to develop a legislative system to raise the safety of products and services in the Saudi market within the goals of the Saudi Product Safety Program (Saleem), the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) announced that three technical regulations will soon be applied.

      SASO indicated that the start of mandatory application of the updates to the technical regulations for building materials and lifting conformity assessment procedures for flat steel and cladding products, to make obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark mandatory for suppliers and manufacturers.

      SASO confirmed that the updates to the Technical Regulation for Building Materials, Part 1: sectors of metals and their alloys for constructions and buildings, as well as Part 2: insulation and cladding materials for buildings, will enter into mandatory application starting from 5 Dhu Al-Qi'dah 1441 AH, corresponding to 26 June, 2020. The application of the Technical Regulation for motorcycles will start on 23 Dhu al-Hijjah 1441 AH, corresponding to 13August, 2020.

      SASO pointed out that the Technical Regulation for Building Materials, Part 1: sectors of metals and their alloys for construction and buildings aims to define the basic requirements for metals or their alloys designed for construction work, and to define conformity assessment procedures that suppliers must adhere to. In addition, this Regulation is applied to sectors of metals or their alloys designed for construction work, among them are: low- alloy steel bars, carbon steel bars, steel wire mesh, steel sheets and other products.

      SASO stressed through this Regulation the need to design and manufacture sectors of metals or their alloys related to construction work; either alone or combined with other building materials; in order to avoid all loads designed for during the construction and use period, in order to avoid total or partial collapse, deformation of buildings, damage to other parts of the construction.

      The Technical Regulation for Building Materials stressed in the second part the importance of designing and manufacturing insulation and cladding materials, to ensure - in case of fire - the limited outbreak and spread of fire and smoke within construction and buildings; the limited spread of fire in construction and neighboring buildings; and the possibility of evacuating residents of building or saving them by other means.

      ​​As for the Technical Regulation for motorcycles, SASO indicated that it obliges suppliers that these motorcycles shall meet basic technical safety requirements, including "brake performance, balance, top speed, passenger protection from moving and hot parts in a motorcycle, anti-theft lock, tires, and front lights." SASO stressed that if the product does not meet the requirements of the Regulation, it will be considered non-conforming and pose a risk to consumer health and safety. In case of any infringement, the market survey authorities and regulatory bodies will take all necessary measures.

Last modified 13 Jul 2020
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