SASO Warns of Dangers of Non-conforming Power Strips

      Safety in the power strips is considered one of the most important requirements. Power strips are classified as highly hazardous products because of the accidents resulting from them, which cause heavy losses of life and property. Realizing the responsibility put on SASO, standard No. (SASO 2815: 2010), which considers safety requirements for cord extension sets, has been issued by SASO.

      In this context, a working group has been formed within the technical team responsible for systems and electrical accessories to update the technical regulation for power strips to prevent some of the problems faced by manufacturers and suppliers while implementing this regulation and to ensure the availability of safety requirements for the consumer. Also, power strips were included in the products that SASO controls in the market. 
      SASO has recently launched a consumer awareness campaign in collaboration with Aramco. The campaign aims to identify power strips that are conforming to the technical regulation for power strips. It uses a variety of awareness materials to be published on various media, as well as social media.

      Power strips that are approved and conforming to standard specifications are unique in the way that they prevent children from reaching the electrical contacts. They also protect devices from damage because they interrupt the electric current when there is excess current. Therefore, conforming power strips are safe tools inside home if they are used properly. In contrast, low-quality and non-conforming power strips pose a great threat to the safety of consumers. They might cause heavy losses of life and property.

      Therefore, SASO is always keen to maintain consumer's health and limit anything that might affect his/her health, through awareness films and campaigns it has launched. In addition, seminars, meetings, and conferences are organized to introduce audience with what might affect their health.

      SASO exerts different efforts in the field of issuing Saudi standard specifications and participating in implementing them to ensure that consumers get products that are conforming to standard specifications. SASO has also formed, in collaboration with Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Saudi Customs, and other related sectors, an integrated control series to ensure the implementation of Saudi standard specifications, laws, and regulations which were approved, such as the recognition program of certificates of conformity for imported consignments.

      SASO enhances the legislative power and activates the control system to supervise Saudi market. Merchants and manufacturers are considered a strategic partner for SASO, and their adherence to standards is a goal that SASO is working to achieve.

      SASO offers some recommendations on this matter. For example, power strips have a limited potential, and overloading them and using them with high- power devices pose a threat to the life of consumers and their families. Power strips are considered a temporary solution to be used for low-power devices. The total power of devices used shall not exceed 2800 watts. Moreover, plugging electrical appliances directly into the wall outlet increases safety levels. SASO demands consumers to read the rating label on the strip before purchasing it.

      ​To avoid problems that might occur due to using non-conforming power strips, SASO recommends using power strips temporarily and following safety instructions stipulated upon in Saudi standard specifications and technical regulations. Most important of which is to ensure that the electrical circuit is provided with a breaker compatible with the voltage used. Further, low-quality power strips shall not be used. The power strip shall not be overloaded by plugging many electrical devices into it at the same time.  ​


Last modified 23 Aug 2020
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