SASO Launches an Awareness Campaign for Truck Under-Run Protective Devices

11 Dec 2016



     SASO launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of trucks and trailers under-run protective devices, in collaboration with Transport Ministry, General Department of Traffic, Special Forces of Roads Security, and Saudi Customs. That campaign is to emphasize the need for the compliance with the Saudi technical regulations of the installation of   rear, front and side under-run protective devices for trucks and trailers to reduce the effects of traffic accidents that occur between the trucks and small vehicles.

     This campaign aims to reduce the human and material losses caused by these accidents. In addition, the participated bodies involved in the campaign looks forward to raise the public awareness of the owners and drivers of vehicles with the importance of safety and security means, and with the commitment to the implementation of technical specifications and regulations issued by SASO.

     This campaign covers various regions of the Kingdom and in four different languages: Arabic, English ,Urdu, and Bengali languages, so as to reach all target groups. The participated bodies involved in this awareness campaign expressed their hope that the various events and activities will contribute in raising the level of awareness and commitment rates of implementing under-run protective devices for trucks and trailers.

     SASO stressed that safety means in transport vehicles such as trucks and trailers are among the most issues of keen interest to the competent and concerned authorities, and also among ordinary citizens. SASO noted that it has issued three mandatory technical regulations of  rear, front and side under-run protective devices for trucks and trailers ( SASO GSO 2112:2012 "vehicles- front under-run protective devices for trucks and testing methods") , (SASO GSO 2113:2012 "vehicles- side under-run protective devices for trucks, and trailers and testing methods"), and (SASO GSO 2114:2012 "vehicles- rear under-run protective devices for trucks, and trailers and testing methods"). 

    The first stage of the implementation of these regulations with the obligation installing under-run protective devices for new trucks and trailers  imported and locally manufactured for models 2015, have begun. That is with cooperation with various concerned bodies. Furthermore, there were several workshops in different regions of the Kingdom, before the implementation stage, to illustrate the importance of the installation of under-run devices and the most important technical points in these regulations and to respond to inquiries by manufacturers and transport companies and owners of transport fleets.​


Last modified 25 Aug 2020
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