SASO Launches Awareness Campaign for Power Strips Today

09 May 2016

​     on Monday, 02 Sha'ban 1437 AH starts the awareness campaign about the conforming power strips organized by SASO in collaboration with Aramco under the slogan  "# your life _ more expensive" aimed at consumer awareness of the power strips conforming to the standards. ​

 ​     SASO explained that the campaign aims to raise awareness when using power strips, and inform consumers about the importance of buying the power strips conforming to the Saudi standard specifications and using them carefully when necessary, in order to reduce the losses that can infect human life and properties caused by the use of poor quality  power strips.

​     In order to achieve that purpose, SASO uses all of the awareness means , including newspapers ,road signs, prints and banners, as well as social media in order to reach the largest segment of the target audience, by a range of creative ideas for the campaign that will be applied to different media and advertising ways. 

​     This campaign will run on SASO's accounts in various social networking sites "SASOGOV" (Twitter, Facebook, instagram, YouTube) for a month, through which disseminate awareness designs and articles contribute promoting the importance of awareness about the need to own the highest quality power strips.
​     ​SASO also stressed on the importance of such campaigns to raise public awareness, especially since the non-conforming power strips are one  of the causes of fires . SASO hopes that this campaign will contribute reduction of trading poor quality power strips.

Last modified 23 Aug 2020
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