Under-run Protective Devices for Trucks and Trailers

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Service description

This service applies to front, side and rear under-run protective devices for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers that their maximum weight exceeds 3.5 tons. This service does not include trucks and trailers used outside roads, military trucks, and trucks designed for specific purposes in which it is impossible to install such barriers.

Target audiance

  • Manufacturers.
  • Importers.

Service cost

  • Submitting the application: SAR1.000
  • Technical study: SAR2.000
  • A visit for each business day: SAR1.000

User guide

  • ​To view the user guide, please click  (here​).

Service requirments

  • To view the "Technical Regulation for Truck and Trailer Under-run protective devices ", please click (here).


Last modified 09 Oct 2020
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