Biodegradable Plastic

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Service description

This service enables the applicant to obtain a mark for biodegradable plastic according to technical regulation for biodegradable plastics which aims to define the environmental requirements for biodegradable plastic products included in technical regulation for the conservation of the environment, consumer and animal health, and facilitate market surveillance procedures.

Target audiance

  • Manufacturers.
  • Importers.​

Service cost

  • Submitting a request: SAR1.000
  • Technical study: SAR2.000
  • A visit for each business day: SAR1.000
  • Using the mark: SAR600

Service steps

  1. Submitting a request on the certification system.
  2. Technical study for the application.
  3. inspection visit.
  4. Issuing of the certificate.

User guide

  • To view the user guide, please click (here​).

Service requirments

  • To view the "Technical Regulation for biodegradable Plastics", please click ( here)


Last modified 09 Oct 2020
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