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Service description

Based on its role in serving the business sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, enhancing and supporting the national economy, SASO has provided packages (membership of SASO services) through which members are provided with a set of services aimed at developing business and strengthening SASO's partnership with those involved in its activities.

Target audiance

  • ​Companies
  • Enterprises

Service cost

  • Annual subscription costs for the gold membership: (SAR10,000)
  • Annual subscription costs for silver membership: (SAR5000)
  • Annual subscription costs for the bronze membership: (SAR2000)

Service steps

The beneficiary wishing to apply for membership of SASO  should do  the following steps:
  1. Visit Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization’s website
  2. Enter e-services page.
  3. Register in the service portal to benefit from membership services.
  4. Fill out a request for membership in services of SASO.
  5. Determine the type of membership.
  6. Submit the application and pay for the service.
  7. Follow up on the status of the request through his account.

User guide

  • To view membership benefits, please click ​ (here​).​

Service requirments

  • Name
  • Pay the subscription fee
  • Category
  • E-mail
  • Contact number


Last modified 09 Oct 2020
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