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Proficiency testing is an external method for assuring a laboratory’s accuracy in the performance of a specific test method.  Participation in proficiency tests provides you with an objective and independent comparison of your quality and performance in the laboratory routine. The regular participation in proficiency tests is mandatory for testing laboratories with an accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025.

Through regular participation in proficiency tests you will receive:
  • Performance evaluation:
a performance evaluation in a specific test by comparison with reference values and to other participant laboratories.
  • Test methods comparison:
the possibility to make test methods comparisons.
  • Proof of efficiency:
a proof of efficiency towards customers and certification bodies.
  • Estimation of measurement uncertainty:
a plausibility proof of your measurement uncertainty estimation.
  • Cost saving:
a cost saving through early detection of problems and corrective measures.

Target audiance

  • Labs.
  • Research centers.

Service cost

  • Variable

Service steps

  1. Announce annual PT plan.
  2. Accept the participation requests.
  3. Send samples.
  4. Analyze results.
  5. Issue the report.

Service requirments

1. It is the responsibility of the participant to select the standard of proficiency testing program

2. The participation fee of proficiency testing programs in Saudi Riyal (SR).

3. The participant may incur fees in addition to the base Fees for a Proficiency Test including where:

  • The participant requests additional Proficiency Test Items;
  • Transfer costs.
  • For participants from outside the KSA, customs charges may have to be paid by the recipient in the destination country.
  • International shipping cost.

4. The participant can cancel an order and withdraw its data from a proficiency study by notifying the PTPC in writing up until the date on which expiration of the registration period.

5. The refund that a participant will receive after an order has been cancelled will be provided according to the following time frames:

  • If the PTPC cancels the proficiency testing program, a full refund will be given.
  • The participant cancels a request after paying completed process, no refunds will be issued.


Last modified 09 Oct 2020
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