Coordination Meeting Among SASO, Traffic and Roads Security to Raise Awareness of Trucks' Under-run Protective Devices

SASO held a coordination meeting with a large number of Public Security officials working in the General Department of Traffic and Roads Security Special Forces in different areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. .... more


Dr. Al-Kasabi: King Salman Leads Kingdom Towards Historic Transformation and Sustainable Development Consolidating Its Excellence and Leadership

His Excellency, SASO's Governor, Dr. Sa'ad bin Othman Al-Kasabi, praised the leading role of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, .... more


SASO's Ladies' Section Participates in an Awareness Raising Event "Towards a Distinctive Education" at 302 Elementary School

On Thursday 30/03/1438 AH, corresponding to 29/12/2016, SASO's ladies' section participated in the event "Towards a Distinctive Education", held at 302 Elementary School for girls.... more


Saudi Quality Council ( SQC) Viewed SASO Initiatives

A delegation from the Saudi Quality Council (SQC) visited SASO, in the framework of cooperation and integration between the public sector and civil society organizations. Also, .... more


Influential Saudi Presence at Meetings of SMIIC

SASO has participated, as representative of the Kingdom, in the meetings of the General Assembly and Board of Directors of the Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic Countries (SMIIC), which have been held recently in Istanbul,.... more


SASO's Lecture on Quality Management Systems for MODA Employees

SASO participated in an awareness lecture on quality management systems, delivered to officers and employees of Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA)..... more


ISO President Visits "SASO" and Praises Its Laboratories Equipment

High-level delegation from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) visited SASO, headed by the President-Elect of the organization,.... more


SASO and Housing Sign Cooperation Memorandum to Localize Modern Construction Technologies

His Excellency the Minister of Housing, Mr. Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hugail, and His Excellency the Governor of SASO, Dr. Sa'ad bin Othman Al-Kasabi signed, today, a technical cooperation memorandum,.... more


Participation of SASO's Ladies Section in Green Shopping Event at Riyadh Model Institute for Girls

SASO's Ladies Section participated in the event of Green Shopping held at Riyadh Model Institute for Girls on Monday morning 20/3/1438 AH corresponding to19/12/2016..... more


SASO within Best 12 Global Institutions in Business Process Management

The international organization "Workflow Management Coalition" has granted SASO the Excellence Award in Business Process Management", where SASO came within best 12 global institutions, in competition with over 50 candidates from all over the world. .... more

2/19/2013 8:58 AM