Standards' issuing and approval

The Saudi Standards: Issuance and Approval Stages

First: The technique of preparing and approving the optional Saudi standards

  1. ​Preparing the initial project of the standard that is to be consistent, in the manner of technique and production, with the system of Saudi standards, which is derived from the international system applied by ISO (ISO/IEC Guid 21-1: 2005).

  2. Announcing this project in every possible way (the organization website, national press and asking the government, the industrial and commercial chambers and companies to give their visions). 

  3. The organization gives the relevant authorities up to (60) days to study the standard projects and share observations and visions.

  4. ​​The organization takes the observations regarding the standard's project into consideration (in the receiving-observation period) and the responses will be given to the authorities if requested. After taking the observations, the project will be announced again for one month with the possibility to talk to the authorities that have given us their visions on the project and invite the specialists of those authorities to explain the justifications.

  5. Getting the approval from the organization's board of directors through presenting the standard project to the subcommittees (from the organization's board of directors) to discuss it, and if accepted, it will be presented them to get it approved.

  6. Spread the optional Saudi standards through the official press (Umm AlQura)

  7. The organization makes a statement to the government and the industrial and commercial chambers in the kingdom about the approved Saudi standards.


Second: Mandatory Saudi Standards (Saudi technical regulations):

When approving the mandatory Saudi standards, the following items shall be taken into consideration:

  1. ​The relevant international standards are used, when available, as a base when preparing the mandatory Saudi Standards unless these relevant international standards are ineffective means or inappropriate to Islam or to climate conditions or causing technical problems.

  2. The organization gives notice to World Trade Organization attached with the technical regulations project and gives WTO (60) days to receive any visions from member states of it, because SASO is the official organization to give such notices.

  3. Spread the technical regulations and the mandatory date through the official press (Umm AlQura) after the approval of the technical regulations from the organization's board of directors.

  4. In case of any enquiry from any member states in WTO (about any Saudi technical regulation or a standard or conformity assessment procedures), the organization replies on all of these enquires  because it is the official enquiry center in KSA in accordance with  the agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade TBT.


Third: Steps of preparing the Saudi standards and technical regulations through technical teams:

       Same as previous steps except that the initial project is prepared by technical teams and sub-work teams in Arabic and English, after that the project will be announced (as stated above), then the project will be presented to the sub-executive committee , and if accepted , it will get the approval from board directors.

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