Future Vision for Quality 2020


Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' Vision

for Quality in the Kingdom for 2020

  On behalf of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Industry, former Chairman of SASO's Board of Directors, Mr. Abdullah bin Ahmad Zainal Alireza launched (Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' Future Vision for Quality in the Kingdom 2020) “Saudi Arabia with its Products and Services to be Glabal Standard for Quality and Excellence” on Tuesday 16 Dhu al-Qa'dah, 1430 AH, corresponding to 3 November, 2009. Quality is one of the most important pillars that will enable the Kingdom to reach universality with products and services that reflect the reality of the Kingdom. 

  The Future Vision for Quality 2020 aims to make the Kingdom with its products and services a global standard for quality and excellence. It believes that the Kingdom cannot compete and participate effectively globally except when quality is the main criterion in all it offers to the world.

  In this sense, it is imperative that quality be transformed from mere theory to reality in practice by making it part of the executive management process from the top of the executive pyramid to its base, through the application of total quality management programs. Quality in any establishment should be an integral part of its objectives, strategies and concern, as well as be supportive for other strategic objectives. This should be reflected in the way business is conducted, including the development of plans and estimated budgets. It is important that quality becomes the message and mission of the establishment and be one of the establishment's objectives and strategies based on planning.
  SASO has sought to hold intensive meetings during the last phase with the national committees and councils in the private and public sectors to reach a unified vision on quality and cooperation with one of the consultancy firms to develop the strategy and the establishment of a national center for quality and proficiency aimed at the development of annual plans and programs, implementation follow-up, and qualification of national cadres.

  ​The aim of this vision is to make the Kingdom among major industrial countries. It is necessary to complete the quality infrastructure and find a unified methodology, work on studies and development of quality research, strive to improve public services and consider the amendment of some quality systems and regulations. In addition, it is necessary to set controls and criteria for the authorities in the field of quality certification, and start application in the areas of education, health and public services and the creation of excellence awards for each sector.

Last modified 17 Jun 2020
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