The National Measurement and Calibration Center (NMCC)

At the end of the last century and at the beginning of the international industrial revolution, the need for establishing national measurement and calibration laboratories in every state emerged. The aim of this need was to unify weights and measures in the state concerned and to link them with the national measurement standards. It was also necessary to link the international standards together for the exchange need in the world trade.

​​Recognizing the importance of measurement and calibration as one of its activities and tasks, SASO established the National Measurement and Calibration Center (NMCC) in 1406 H, corresponding to 1986 AD. The center is considered the national reference for measurement and calibration in the Kingdom. It is responsible for the following :

1. Maintaining national, reference, secondary and working standards and enhancing their accuracy whenever required.
2. Calibrating the measurement instruments and standards with the highest level of accuracy for governmental and private agencies as well as GCC member states.
3. Preparing and revising the standards and regulations related to measurement and calibration by consultation and cooperation with SASO's different technical departments and related-government agencies as well as standardization organizations in GCC member states.
4. Providing support and assistance in the field of measurement and calibration, issuing the Quality Mark, accrediting laboratories and issuing certificates as per ISO (9001/17025).
5. Holding programs and seminars to train employees working at bodies interested in measurement and calibration activities in the Kingdom and GCC member states, in addition to facilitating the process of obtaining related scientific and technical publications.
6. Participating in measurement and calibration activities at the national, regional and international levels as a representative of the government of Saudi Arabia.

Based on the new regulation of SASO, issued by the Council of Ministers' resolution No. 216 dated 17/6/1431 AH, the National Measurement and Calibration Center (NMCC) is considered the national sector that is responsible for maintaining all the national measurement standards and achieving the reference principle by linking the basic international units with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) located in Paris, France. Therefore, by this linking, the center can verify the accuracy of measurement instruments and testing used in industrial and service institutions in all sectors, and issue calibration certificates. The center has many international agreements, such as the Metre Convention and the Mutual Recognition Agreement of Calibration Certificates. ​

Last modified 25 Nov 2019
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