Supporting Services at NMCC

 Supporting Services at NMCC

The Supporting Services department at the National Measurement and Calibration Center (NMCC) performs the following tasks :

1. Handling the customers' requests for calibration according to "Calibration Request Form", following up the reference of the requests to the concerned department in the lab, revising their status until the calibration procedures are completed, and notifying customers of all this. 

2. Preparing the bills of the calibration costs for customers' requests and delivering them directly to the customer or faxing them, fixing the time period that calibration takes, and taking customer's agreement on such bills before sending the instruments and starting their calibration procedures. 

3. Meeting customers and receiving the instruments to be calibrated, and helping the customers to complete forms of receiving the instruments after inspecting them visually by a technician from the concerned section in order to refer them to this section for calibration. 

4. Keeping the instruments before and after calibration at the Supporting Services department to be received by or delivered to the customer. 

5. Delivering the instruments to the customer after being calibrated with calibration certificates or measurement reports of such instruments. 

6. Following up the customers’ complaints and remarks and taking necessary steps for the correction of noncompliance of measurement and calibration. 

Last modified 25 Nov 2019
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