Quality Mark

Advantages of Getting the Quality Mark:


1. The Quality Mark is an important means to guide consumers to products that conform to Saudi standards.
2. Through the Quality Mark, products gain customers' satisfaction and trust. 
3. It increases merchant's sales. 
4. It is a way of constructing conventional trade infrastructures that facilitate signing export contracts with other countries.
5. It encourages the continuous development and improvement of the product by following modern scientific methods that improve the product and enhance competitiveness in international markets. 
6. It qualifies establishments to win local and international quality awards. 
7. It enhances the reputation and name of establishments locally, regionally and internationally.
8. It facilitates the entry of products through customs ports. 
9. It facilitates the export process of the products carrying it.
10. It supports the national economy, increases competitiveness of  Saudi products in the local and international markets and increases Saudi exports.

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Last modified 01 Jul 2020
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