Verification of Conformity

  The department was established at the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 100 dated 08/08/1415 H, which is for coordinate the observation works among relevant government bodies in accordance with the responsibilities and the validity of each party, taking into account the requirements of the WTO as well as the orientation towards the Kingdom of open markets for foreign investments. Therefore, no action is applied or decision by any government agency should be in line with international requirements and WTO regulations and transparency of the prior statement and find a convincing rationale in making any decision.

          The role of the department is to coordinate ,Pursue and sign agreements related to the activities of the recognition. And have a role in the internal control (within the Kingdom) on the markets and factories being an effective system in many countries as a responsible party,
In order to be persuaded of the conformity limit  products to the Standard specifications, and the technical manpower, the Standard specifications and equipped laboratories helps SASO carrying out these tasks. 

        The department considers the Link between relevant departments (laboratories - specifications) and any authorities needs information to serve internal and external parties in this field.​

Last modified 26 Nov 2019
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