Council of Ministers Resolution No. 29 Dated 25/1/1423 AH corresponding to 8/4/2002 AD


Having examined the file received from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Court No. R/7/5194 dated 13/3/1422 AH corresponding to 5/6/2001 AD, such transaction comprises his Highness the Minister of Commerce telegram No. 329/9/10/2 dated 28/1/1419 AH corresponding to 24/5/1998 AD, regarding the Regulation Project of Private Laboratories for Customs Clearance.

Having examined the minute No. (295) dated 6/7/1422 AH corresponding to 23/9/2001 AD, prepared in Bureau of Experts at Council of Ministers.

Having examined Shura Council resolution No. (95/82) dated 18/2/1422 AH corresponding to 12/5/2001 AD.

Having examined the Working Committee recommendation of the Council of Ministers No. (33) dated 11/1/1423 AH corresponding to 4/1/2003 AD.

Decides the following:

The approval of Private Laboratories Law as the attached format thereto.  

A Royal Decree Project is made for such system, the format is attached thereto.

President of the Council of Ministers​

Last modified 29 Nov 2020
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