Ministerial Decree No. 307, Dated 21/02/1424 to Issue the Implementing Regulations of Private Laboratories' Law

The Minister of Commerce,​

​Within his powers,​​

Having examined the Ministry of Commerce competences, issued upon the decree of the Council of Ministers No. (66) dated 06/04/1374,

Having examined Article (16) of the private laboratory law issued upon the Royal Decree No. M / 3 , dated 02/08/1423 AH, which states that: (The Minister of commerce with the agreement of the Ministries of interior, health, agriculture, electricity, Municipal and Rural Affairs, will issue the Implementing Regulations of this law),

Having examined the minutes of the Committee's recommendations formed of the relevant Ministries, dated 01/22/1423 H, to study the draft of the private laboratories law,

Based on the approval of His Royal Highness the Minister of Interior, on the draft Regulations under the telegram No. (35/15406), dated 02/21/1424,  as well as the telegram No. 12235/10/11 form the Minister of Health, dated 29/01/1424; Minister of Agriculture by the letter No. 13821, dated 12 / 2/1424; the Minister of Industry and Electricity No. 149, dated 19/02/1424; and the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs No. 8934/5 / and  dated 02/10/1424,

Based on the requirements of the public interest,

Decree the following:

Article (1): The private laboratories law will be issued as per the attached form.

Article (2): Such Decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall take effect from the date of its publication.

Allah bless us all,

Minister of Commerce and Industry​​

Last modified 29 Nov 2020
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