Article 1:

The following terms, wherever they appear in the Regulation, indicates the meanings shown opposite to them:
A. The competent Ministry: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry and Electricity or Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
B. The competent Minister: Minister of Interior, Minister of Commerce, Minister of Health, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Industry and Electricity or Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
C. Organization: Saudi Arabian Standards and Metrology Organization.
D. Goods: commercial commodities produced locally or imported, whether they are in the form of materials, products, devices, tools or others.
E. Sample: samples withdrawn from a consignment or goods on scientific grounds and in accordance with the approved standards.
F. Test: each analysis, calibration or test that aims to identify components, properties, performance efficiency, effectiveness or conformity.
G. Laboratory: any place prepared to test any commodities or calibrate any devices.
H. Law: private laboratories law.
I. Certificate of Accreditation: an accreditation certificate that is awarded by the Saudi Arabian Standards and Metrology Organization in accordance with the requirements of the regulation of laboratory accreditation and Saudi standard specification ISO 17025.
J. Accredited Standard Specification: a Saudi standard specification or an Arabian Gulf standard, and in the absence of Saudi or Gulf standard specifications, any standard specifications approved by the Board of Directors would be applied.

Last modified 12 Jul 2020
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