Purchasing Standards

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Service description

This service enables the user to purchase and download the Saudi standards via (Wasif) portal.

Target audiance

  • Manufacturer.
  • Supplier.
  • Consumer
  • Private sector.
  • Governmental bodies.

Service cost

  • Depending on the number of standard pages.

Service steps

  1. Choosing the appropriate search method for the beneficiary.
  2. After the search results appear, the standards file can be added and the quantity can be specified. 
  3. Standards data will be added to the shopping cart with the ability to modify and delete the data. 
  4. After adding the standards to the cart, the terms of use will be agreed upon and the process is completed. 
  5. A SADAD number appears, and then payment options appear. 
  6. After paying the amount, the beneficiary can obtain the standard through the list of “my bills”. ​

User guide

  • ​To view the Wassef user guide please click(​ (here​)

Service requirments

  • No requirements


Last modified 09 Oct 2020
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