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Request product conformity certificate for commercial products 500 Riyal
Request for a certificate of conformity sent for commercial products 350 Riyal
Request for a certificate of conformity sent for non-commercial products 350 Riyal
منح ترخيص علامة جودة
توسيع مجال ترخيص علامة جودة
الغاء ترخيص علامة جودة
Energy Efficiency Label
Type Approval Certificate of Conformity
A certificate of conformity of consignment
Production line / batch approval conformity certificate
Gulf Conformity Mark (G-Mark)
Certificate of Conformity for biodegradable Plastic
Certificate of Conformity for Truck and Trailer Barriers
Certificate of Conformity for Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicle Accessories Certificate
Certificate of conformity of the tanks for transporting petroleum products
Certificate of conformity for trailers and semi-trailers
Certificate of Conformity for Motorcycles
Certificates (IEC) Submission of the application: 500 riyals / application study: 2500 riyals / issuance of the certificate: 500 riyals / total: 3500 riyals (note: costs are fixed, whether for one model or multiple models).


Last modified 02 Jan 2020
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