Hadithah Office

​​​​​​​​​​​​To achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership towards the expansion of providing services to citizens in all parts of the Kingdom and make it easier for them to get the services they seek, SASO has established the office in 1415 AH/1995, carrying most of the main tasks of SASO, and applying SASO's objectives.​​

Main Departments:​

  • The office of the Director
  • Secretariat
  • Laboratory of Cars
  • Public Relations
  • Financial Dept.​

  1. ​Receiving all inquiries and responding to them.
  2. Examining imported vehicles and ensuring their conformity with the Saudi standards, and issuing certificates of conformity.
  3. Receiving samples referred by government bodies.
  4. Selling Saudi Standards.
  5. Participating with relevant committees to withdraw samples from the market upon request.​

Adress : Hadithah Port
P.O. Box  62
Tel : +966 (014) 6581067
Fax : +966 (014) 658077
Email ​ info@saso.gov.sa​​

Last modified 09 Sep 2020
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