Dammam Branch

​​To achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership towards the expansion of providing services to citizens in all parts of the Kingdom and make it easier for them to get the services they seek, SASO has established the Eastern Region Branch in 1409 AH/ 1989, carrying most of the tasks as done in SASO's headquarters. In addition, SASO's office was opened at King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam in 1410 AH/ 1990. The branch was provided with national qualified employees.​

​​ The Basic Departments of Branch :
  • The office of director of branch. 
  • Laboratory Department.
  • Follow up Department.
  • Planning and Development Department.
  • Quality Department.
  • Finance and Administration Department.​
  • Technical Committees and Standards Department.
  • Information Center Department.
  • Accreditation of Conformity Department.
  • Public Relations and Media Department.
  • Department of Services.

1. Participating in exhibitions to promote a culture of standardization and quality in various sectors and on different levels.
2. Organizing seminars and courses for the eastern region.
3. Contributing to the preparation and adaptation of Saudi standards for all goods and products and their methods of testing.
4. Participating in different committees with government departments and  private sector regarding the application of Saudi standards.
5. Responding to inquiries from governmental bodies and the private sector regarding the technical information relating to products and goods.
6. Providing advice to national factories in the field of standardization and application of specifications.
7. Participating with the rest of the departments in the branch in inspecting factories and establishments that have won the Quality Mark and certificate of conformity.
8. Participating in the procedures of granting the Quality Mark and export certificates through inspections.
9. Initial periodic inspections on factories that have won the Quality Mark and export certificates.
10. Inspecting cars imported to the Kingdom to make sure they match the Saudi standard specifications.
11. Withdrawing samples of products from the local market to ensure their conformity with the Saudi standard specifications.
12. Conducting necessary tests on all samples  "petroleum, chemical, water, building materials, ceramics, electrical and electronic products" received from factories that received the Quality Mark, and factories that received export and conformity certificates,  in addition to the samples received from different customs ports for conformity with the Saudi standards Arabia and issuing reports on them.
13. Having the possibility of conducting necessary tests on some products at branch laboratories.
14. Responding to inquiries service, presented by the Information Center department in the branch.
15. Clarifying how to purchase specifications through SASO's website.
16. Encouraging companies and individuals to join the membership of the information center. ​

 Adress :​ King Faisal Street (Al-khobar - Al Dammam AL Saheley) South of King Faisal housing compound

P.O  Box 1893 Al Dammam 31441 Saudi Arabia.
Tel :​ +966 (013) 8584435
       +966 (013) 8584425
       +966 (013) 8584438
Email : info@saso.gov.sa


Last modified 09 Sep 2020
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