Makkah branch

​      To achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership towards  the expansion of providing   services to citizens in all parts of the Kingdom and  make it easier for them to get the services they seek, the  branch was established in 1402 AH/1982, carrying most of the main tasks of SASO in Makkah region, and applying SASO's objectives. The office of SASO in Makkah branch is in Jeddah Islamic Port.

The branch main departments:
1. Information and Public Relation Dept.
2. Laboratories Dept.
3. Services Dep
4. Information Center Dept.
5. Quality Control Dept.
6. Financial and Administrational Affairs Dept.
7. Conformity Assessment Dept.
8.  Planning and Development Dept.
9. Standards and Technical Committees Dept.

Services provided by the branch ​ 

​Labs conduct inspection and tests for imported consuming products coming from the custom ports in the Kingdom and from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry which contributes in protecting the citizens and residents from counterfeit products that threaten consumer's safety. Labs also contribute in settling the disputes in certain commercial issues. Labs are considered the laboratorial reference for standards. It applies standards and do some scientific researches on the consuming products.

Services of the quality control management :​

 1.Introducing the branch and its services :
Receiving applications from applicants applying to get the Quality Mark and health export certificates for food products. Also, performing periodic inspections, participating with auditors in auditing and reviewing i​​n order to  grant Management Systems Certifications, according to the requirements of related international standards, as well as participating in laboratory accreditation in accordance with ISO 17025.

2. Quality mark and certifications Department :
1. Responding to inquiries about the regulations of the Quality Mark and certifications of sanitary and explaining it for stockholders.
2. Receiving  Quality Mark license applications and certifications of sanitary using, studying them, then sending them to the quality control dept. in Riyadh.
3. Opening and saving the files of all factories that received the license of using the Quality Mark and certifications of sanitary by coordinating with the secretary.
4. Distributing the monthly schedule for inspection of factories after coordinating with other branch depts. which their staffs will participate in.
5. Reviewing the reports of periodical inspection visits after visit is completed and before sending the report to the quality dept.
6. Participating in periodical inspection visits of factories and other bodies that requested accreditation services (Laboratories).
7. Working on increasing awareness on the Quality Mark and increasing the number of applicants requesting to get the Quality Mark.
8. Implementing some of the branch's duties, which are assigned by the General Director of the Branch.

Accreditation Department and King Abdul Aziz Award :

1. Responding to inquiries about the regulations of accreditation of services and laboratories.
2. Receiving and studying the applications of accreditation after their completion , then sending them to the quality control dept. in Riyadh.
3. Coordinating periodical visits of accredited and applicators bodies.
4. Following all things that are related to King Abdul Aziz Award in the branch.
5. Participating in periodical and monthly visits to factories and other bodies which requested accreditation of services (Laboratories).

Strategic management :

A special department for the strategic plan was created as a result of the keenness of the General Manager of the branch in implementing  the strategic plan, applying, and activating it.
The role of the Strategic Management focuses on activating the strategic plan and coordinating with the heads of the elements of the Strategic Plan in SASO. Also, ensuring the functioning of the departments in Makkah by applying, developing, and implementing the objectives of the strategic plan according to the time table set by the plan's higher committee.

Services provided by the Standards and Technical Committees Department :

1. Completing work related to standards.
2. Replying to inquiries about the standards from other bodies.
3. Adopting standards in the English language, and preparing lists, forewords and covers for these standards.
4. Performing all necessary work and creating a connection between the branch and the Standards General Department.
5. Contributing in organizing the conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures held in the area under the supervision of the branch.
6. Participating in inspectional visits to national factories (quality mark – exporting certificates).
7. Expressing opinions, suggestions and visions about the works directed by the General Director of the branch.
8. Performing other participations according to missions and directions of the General Director of the branch.

Services provided by the Department of Information Center :

 1. Department of Inquiries and Member Services
A . Inquiries
The department answers all inquiries concerning the tasks and services of the branch, otherwise they are forwarded to the competent authority in the branch if necessary.
As well as marketing for some of the functions and services, urging visitors to get the Quality Mark for their establishments, applying Saudi specifications for their products and providing them with the necessary forms and guidance brochures.
The department is also responsible for providing a detailed explanation for the steps of purchasing specifications through SASO's website for those interested in purchasing specifications. 

B. Member services
Following-up with Information Center members, showing them the importance of getting a membership and renewing it. Also, encouraging non-members to subscribe, clarifying membership benefits, such as:  getting discounts on prices of standard and  publications of SASO in addition to other things. Also, explaining how to sign up and renew the membership from the website.​ 

2.  Department of Computer :
A. Technical Support
The department completes all work related to technical support in the field of computer. That is by solving  technical problems faceing  the staff (in hardware, printers, or in the use of certain computer programs or systems).

B. Work applications of Branch departments
The department creates applications that benefit other departments in facilitating their tasks and  converting its work from manual to electronic.

C. Network Support
The department completes everything related to network support and follow-up, whether in the internal web, web, or systems connected with the headquarter in Riyadh.

3. Library :
 : Tasks of the Library
1. Working to increase the contents of the library, books and magazines.
2. Receiving incoming publications and recording them in an automatic indexing system in  the computer.
3. Alerting the branch's staff on received publications, by photographing the cover as well as the index and sending it to all staff email addresses.
4. Welcoming library visitors who wish to see the publications in the library.
5. Answering all inquiries about the library and what it contains.
6.Sending thank you letters to dedications given to the library.

4. Department of Services of beneficiaries :
1. Entering beneficiaries Data regarding purchasing specifications and issuing bills.
2. Answering public inquiries.
3. Achieving beneficiary satisfaction.

Conformity Department :

Their main job is to supervise the conformity of goods and materials manufactured locally and imported to standard specifications. the department has two section :

 : ​A . Vehicle Inspection Section
Its job is to examine imported second-hand vehicles and to ensure their conformity with the Saudi standards.

 : B . Sampling Section
Its job is to get samples from local markets, by performing scheduled inspections, and testing these samples in SASO's laboratories to check their conformity with the Saudi standards.

Follow-up Department :

1. Perform necessary investigations  in various branch departments to ensure work safety and the rationalization of performance.
2. Create campaign follow-up inspections of the branch's various departments and its office in Jeddah's Islamic port, to identify cases of violation in functional performance of duties or lax in doing business and then work on correcting tracks.
3. Monitor work progress in the branch to ensure its compliance with the rules regulations and procedures.
4. Examine complaints referred to it by the branch manager about  administrative and financial irregularities and other irregularities.
5. Conduct preliminary investigations or participate in  investigations disclosed by the censorship, in addition to what is referred  to it from the general manager of the branch and serious complaint it receives.
6. Monitor staff work regularity in coordination with personnel matters dept.
7. Communication with the Control and Investigation Commission in regard of SASO's work in accordance with the powers delegated.
8. Follow up the implementation of circulars and instructions to SASO's various departments.
9. Prepare periodic reports (semi-annual and quarterly) on the administrative and technical work, to analyze them, draw conclusions and submit them to the governor of SASO.
10. Organize and save information files for the follow-up department in an easy way.
11. Submit any proposals that would facilitate and improve the functioning of the organization.​
12. Implement what is given to the follow-up department to by the General branch Manager.

​Adress : Jeddah, Alaziziah .District –Near to Alaziziah Municipality Branch​
P.O. BOX  9485 Jeddah 21413 Saudi Arabia​
Tel : +966 (012) 6751013
Fax : +966 (012) 6751019​
Email : 

Last modified 11 Aug 2020
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