Monitoring and Rapid Alert Center for Unsafe product

The Center was established pursuant to SASO's Board of Directors Decision No. (165) dated 21/10/1439 AH, corresponding to 5/7/2018. The Center is concerned with building an integrated system of work among national bodies to exchange information on incidents of non-food and pharmaceutical consumer products, which may harm consumer health and safety, and to make recommendations thereon. In addition, the Center seeks to raise awareness among consumers on the danger of such products, and provide early warning of product incidents, which occur internationally.


  • Develop an integrated system of work among national bodies in monitoring (non-food and pharmaceutical) unsafe products, and provide early warning of their risks according to international best practices.
  • Facilitate rapid and reliable communication to exchange information regarding incidents and risks of unsafe products among national bodies, through the development of an electronic platform (RASID) and thus ensure an appropriate measure is taken.
  • Establish and classify an electronic database containing results of cause analysis of incidents and risks associated with unsafe products and issue related technical reports. This database provides outputs to be utilized by legislative and regulatory authorities to raise the level of safety and confidence in Saudi market.
  • Contribute to preventing the entry of unsafe products to Saudi market through rapid alerting.
  • Raise the level of consumer awareness through the dissemination of information and statistics for unsafe products.
  • Develop a rapid alert system for unsafe products.
  • Contribute to the development of the national economy through raising the level of quality and safety of products in Saudi market.​

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Last modified 18 Jan 2021
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