Certificate ISO 9001/2000

 As the first government body belonging to the civil services to be certified "Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 / 2000 ", SASO has received the certificate on 05/03/2008. The Minister of Trade and Industry and former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Abdullah bin Ahmad Zainal Ali Reza, received the certificate of ISO 9001/2000 from the Turkish Minister of Trade and Industry and the General Supervisor of Turkish Standards Institute, Eng.  Mohammad Zafar ja Galayan, in a ceremony organized by SASO on this occasion, on Saturday, 27/04/1430 AH, corresponding to 05/03/2008.

ISO 9001 (Quality management System- General Requirements) is an international standard issued by the International Standardization Organization (ISO), in Geneva. Membership means that the establishment has achieved the requirements of this standard.

Benefits from the application of ISO 9001/2008: 

1. Fulfill of customers' requirements. 
2. Have the ability to compete in global markets​. 
3. Achieve continuous improvement of administrative performance. 
4. Reduce recurrent and similar process that created by the bodies. 
5. Improve suppliers' performance.

Benefits to employees at establishments holding the certificate: 

1. Understand quality applications at all levels of the establishment.
2. Raise awareness of quality. 
3. Strengthen consumer confidence in the establishment. 
4. Improve profitability and reduce costs. 
5. Enhance the ability of employees​

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