Ministerial Resolution No. (6386) dated 6/21/1425 AH

The Minister of Commerce and Industry, based on the powers conferred on him, and after reviewing the system of competencies of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued by Cabinet Resolution No. 66 dated 6/4/1374 AH, And the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 213 of 3/8/1424 AH, Required in paragraph five to form a committee from the Ministries of “Finance, Trade and Industry, Economy and Planning" to set the appropriate mechanism for the conformity certificate program for commodities imported to the Kingdom, and this mechanism will be implemented after the end of the period defined for current contracts.

After reviewing the recommendations of the aforementioned committee, it’s been decided the following:
1- Cooperate with private laboratories as an alternative mechanism for the purposes of customs clearance for each commodity, after completing the private and accredited laboratories for their inspection procedures.
2- As a transitional stage, a conformity certificate issued by an approved body from the competent official authority in the country of export is attached to all consignments of imported consumer commodities confirming their compliance with the approved standard specifications (technical regulations), and that these products have been subjected to regular laboratory examination under the supervision of the exporting authority, and the official body is fully responsible for the contents of this certificate, provided that the producing company bears full responsibility for all damages that result from using this commodity. In addition to drawn random samples from the consignments upon their arrival at the Kingdom's ports to ensure the validity of the accompanying certificate. 
3- The Ministry's Agency for Technical Affairs shall implement the provisions of this decision and report its content to the relevant authorities to act accordingly.

God bless,,, 
Minister of Trade and Industry 
Hashem bin Abdullah Yamani

Last modified 08 Nov 2020
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