Council of Ministers Resolution No. 213 Dated 3/8/1424 AH (corresponding to 29/9/2003 AD)


Having examined the file received of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Court No.(7/b/27938) dated 13/6/1424 AH containing his Excellency Minister of Economy and Planning telegram No.(1/1255) dated 16/5/1424 AH, corresponding to the Royal Decree No.(7/B/177170 dated 16/5/1423 AH, which states to form a ministerial committee chaired by the Minister of Planning with the membership of the Minister of Finance, Minister of National Economy, Minister of Commerce, the President of Saudi Port Authority  (Minister of Transportation Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Saudi Port Authority), in addition to His Excellency President of the General Auditing Bureau and His Excellency President of Bauru of Experts At Council of Ministers, to study the resolution of Shura Council No. (55/62) dated 19/11/1421 AH (corresponding to 13/2/2001 AD), regarding the annual report of the Saudi Arabia Standards Organization of the fiscal year (1419/1420 AH), and what was stipulated in the resolution about the implementation of systems and standard specifications of national food factories, a strategy to import and store food, in addition to stipulated about such subject in the prepared proceedings in Bureau of Experts No. (81) Dated 3/3/1423 AH (corresponding to 15/5/2002 AD),

Having examined what His Excellency Minister of Economy and Planning has referred that the committee, which formed by a Royal Decree, had searched and studied the subject from all its aspects and the minute attached to the Minister’s appertaining thereto,

Having examined the Ministerial Committee minute attached to His Excellency Minister of Economy and Planning’s telegram, aforementioned, and the recommendation included therein,

Having examined the prepared minute in the Bureau of Experts No. (81) Dated 3/3/1423 AH (corresponding to 15/5/2002 AD),

Having examined the General Committee of the Council of Ministers recommendation No. (371) dated 25/7/1424 AH (corresponding to 22/9/2003 AD),

Decides the following:

First: Continue the application of a Certificate of Conformity Program on a range of imported commodities, under to the current program, to ensure that such commodities conform with the Saudi standards until the set expiration date of the current contracts.

Second: Inspect locally imported commodities to guarantee the conformity with the Kingdom’s standard specifications, in order to achieve the non-distinction principle by and between the current locally produced commodities and imported ones to protect the consumer in the Kingdom.

Third: Do not connect the conformity assessment before shipping with pre-shipping inspection process. The conformity process that corresponds with the Saudi standard specification shall be sufficient.

Forth: Use qualified national private laboratories to inspect local and imported commodities, to achieve the private laboratories system goals, issued by Royal Decree No. (M/3) dated 8/2/1423 AH (corresponding to 12/4/2002 AD), the respective authorities shall take urgent measures to activate law and its executive regulation.

Fifth: Form a committee of ministries: (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Economy and Planning) develop an appropriate mechanism for the Conformity Certificate for imported commodities in the Kingdom. Such mechanism shall be applicable after the set expiration date of the current contracts.​

Last modified 29 Nov 2020
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