SASO Survey

Questions Group Title
1. Rate your understanding of SASO’s services and role:

2. Rate your overall satisfaction with SASO’s services and role:

3. How successful is SASO in elevating the quality of locally manufactured and imported products into the Saudi market:

4. Do you recognize the quality mark on products purchased from the local market:

5. Does the quality mark mean quality product to you as a consumer:

6. Rate your satisfaction with SASO’s beneficiaries center:

7. Rate SASO’s success in protecting the consumer from poor quality and unsafe products sold in the local market

8. If you have in the past approached SASO for support on exporting Saudi products to international markets, or for the purposes of obtaining a Certificate of Conformity, please rate your experience?

9. Would you consider a laboratory not accredited by the Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC) to perform a conformity test of your product?

10. If you had any experience in dealing with SASO’s laboratories, how would you rate that experience?

11/14/2013 1:47 PM
SASO Survey