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 Certificate ISO 9001/2000

SASO received a certificate at 05/03/2008

       The Minister of Trade and Industry and Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. / Abdullah bin Ahmad Zainal Ali Reza received the certificate of ISO 9001/2000 relating to SASO FROM the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Turkish General Supervisor of Institute of Standards Turkish Engineer / Mohamed Zafar ja Galayan, in a ceremony prepared by the SASO on the occasion of receiving a certificate on Saturday, 27/04/1430 AH 05/03/2008 headquarters in Riyadh as the first government body belonging to the civil services to be certified "Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 / 2000 ". 

ISO 9001 is a quality management system (General Requirements (has been published in the international standard from the ISO in Geneva and is the membership of national standardization bodies at the international level.

      ​That the management system of SASO achieve the general requirements of IEC International Standard ISO 9001 quality management systems (the general requirements of ISO 9001 has many advantages as the ISO 9001 describes what must be done to develop a quality management system.

The bodies which adopt the ISO 9001 for many reasons which are the following:

  1. Achieve the requirements of customers.
  2. The ability to sell in global markets.
  3. Improve the quality system for the body.
  4. Reduce recurrent and similar process that created by the bodies.
  5. Improve the performance of suppliers.

When you apply the system the advantages are not limited to interest on the body only, but also to employers through the following:

  1. Understanding all the implement of quality applications at all levels of the bodies.
  2. Develop awareness of quality.
  3. Strengthen consumer confidence in the body and their relationship to another.
  4. Improve profitability with reducing costs.
  5. Raise the ability of employers.​ 
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